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Leading Software in the Energy Sector

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Finding the right energy management software can be very difficult even in this age of internet connectivity and world full of apps. However, there are certain companies like EON Energy customer service which provide software that helps in efficient and timely energy management for your entire business or household.img1

  • Utilities Direct – This is a highly popular software which allows companies to view their energy stats, control their consumption, change consumption patterns or even switch vendors, all conveniently through online options. It also provides online gas and electricity switching which makes it cheaper for the company to operate at low costs or realize where it is paying the most. It can also compile and present reports on a weekly or monthly basis, allowing users to keep a track of usage and change patterns accordingly to fit within the stipulated goal or the desired limit.
  • SAP Energy management software – This is highly effective software for businesses which wish to track their energy consumption pattern and adopt green or environment compliant energy strategies. The software allows users to generate business wise reports and track energy usage in real time and department wise, so that the energy channels can be switched and the consumption kept within limits at all times. EON Energy customer service uses it to merges all kinds of data, including financial, and reproduces in-depth charts for ease of understanding of the consumption patterns for the company to work on and improve. Furthermore, it allows users to set goals and reminds them as and when they are being approached.
  • Energy cap – This is one of the oldest energy management softwares being used by EON Energy customer service to streamline the consumption of energy, reduce billing errors, generate accurate reports and allow businesses to compare between various facilities for the consumption of energy to improve usage and lower costs. It also offers a view on the green energy credits which the companies strive to achieve and allows them to take advantage of the same to gain Energy Star ratings for their buildings (click here to view info.).img2
  • Schneider Electric PowerLogic- This is much like the SAP system for energy management and helps businesses clean up their energy data by accurately predicting and reporting the consumption patterns, high cost usage and energy wastage across departments and verticals. This also helps companies to comply with the environmental norms, keep within their green credit limits and change their usage pattern as per their annual goals. The best part is that this software has the ability to track and analyze the greenhouse gas emissions and report accordingly. The web capability of the software allows data sharing and uploads in real time so that all units know their consumption patterns and how they could improve it strategically.
  • Credit 360 – The key facts about this energy management software is that in addition to managing the use, it evaluates the data on carbon emissions, suggests ways of improving it strategically and provides accurate reports to the consumers about the company’s energy utility. EON Energy customer service can use this software to build transparency and improve its carbon footprint by regularly analyzing the data and working strategically to improve on the same.